Team Bios

From 2001 to 2003, John Corona worked alone in the operation of King High Remembers. In 2004, his colleagues in the Social Studies Department jumped on board as they saw what a valuable lesson was being afforded their students. Their commitment, ideas and passion has helped KHSR grow and prosper. In 2007, this group was named as the National Educators of the Year by the National Oral History Society headquartered at the University of Maryland.

Jalyn Barnard – Jalyn began her teaching career here at Martin Luther King High School in 2006 fresh from her credential program.  She teaches U.S. History and Psychology and has earned a BA in History from UC Riverside and a MA in History from Cal Poly Pomona.  Jalyn was named King High School Teacher of the Year in 2009.    Jalyn’s father as well as numerous uncles, aunts and cousins have and are currently serving for the United States Navy.  As Operations Manager for King High Remembers; Jalyn assigns duties, lays out logistics for the team and the support groups, handles paperwork and financial requests, directs the Senior Committee and helps oversee the set up the evening before the event.  She and her husband Matthew, who were high school sweethearts,  were married in 2010 and have a son named Obi.

Carolyn Power – As Correspondence Secretary, Carolyn handles all of our mailings and printing needs.  She maintains the large database of all of our veterans as well as the upkeep on our Final Roll Call and Guest Databases.  All invitations, mailings  and follow-ups that are sent are handled by Carolyn.   Carolyn’s family has a long history of military service—her father and three brothers have all proudly served.  A graduate of Pepperdine University, with a MA in History from Cal-Poly Pomona, Carolyn works as the History-Social Science Staff Development Specialist for Riverside Unified.   She and husband Andy (also a King History teacher)  were married in 1999 and have 3 boys;  Eamon,  Gabriel and Desmond.

Melinda Turay –  As a child, Melinda knew the military life as she and her family traveled the world to be with her Air Force enlisted father.   Melinda began teaching in 2001 and currently teaches World History, Sociology and Psychology.  She holds a BA in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton as well as a MA from Cal Baptist in Education.  Melinda is charge of the ordering of tables, chairs and lapel pins for our event as well as helping to welcome and check in veterans to the project every year.  She assists in the set up of the event as well as help to make sure that things run smoothly on the day.   She and her husband Shane have been married since 2001 and have a daughter named Alyssa.

Brad Peters – Brad began teaching in 1990 and holds a BA and MA in American Studies from Cal State Fullerton.  Brad has taught in Chino at Ayala High School and here at Martin Luther King.  Brad is the project photographer, using his lifetime hobby and talents in recording on film the events of King High Remembers. He is also responsible for the artwork and production of the banners that are displayed around the gym that honor our sponsors and supporters, as well as the event program.  He and his wife Rebeckah were married in 1988 and they have a daughter, McKenize.  Brad was named the King High Teacher of the Year in 2001 and teaches AP and US History.   He also serves as the Head Cross Country Coach and the Assistant Head Track Coach and is a founding King High School staff member.

Ned Hocking – Ned is the proud son and brother of Marine Corps veterans.   Ned began teaching in 1989 and graduated from Cal State San Bernardino where he earned a BA in History and an MA in Education.   Ned’s job is centered around searching for and writing up financial grants to support the program.  He is the site coordinator for National History Day and currently teaches U.S. History.  Ned has been recognized as a National History Day Teacher of Merit and received the PTSA Service Merit Award. He and his wife, Kathryn have been married since 1989 and have two children, Haley and Kyle.

Dan Peirce – Dan graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in History and a BS in Anthropology.   Dan began teaching in 1994 and has taught at Rialto High and here at King High School.  Dan currently teaches US and World History and is an assistant Cross Country Coach and is a founding King High staff member.  He and his wife Renee has been married since 1986 and have 3 children; Jake, Drew and Dana.  Dan assists with Student Check In and supervision.

Kevin LeDuc – Kevin earned his BA in History from Cal Baptist with a minor in Philosophy and has an MA from Azusa Pacific in Education.   Kevin teaches US and World History and Government and Economics and serves as the Boys Golf Coach.   He and his wife Angela have been married since 2012 and have two children; Karis and Lincoln.  Kevin assists with Senior Commitee and Student Check In.

Andy Power – Andy began his teaching career in 1999 in San Bernardino.  He spent 10 years at Ramona High School and then transferred to King to join his wife Carolyn to become a wolf.   A graduate of Pepperdine University, Andy has his BA in History and his MA in Education.  He is currently teaches AP European History.  Andy’s father served in the Air Force which allowed Andy to travel the world as a child and afforded him the opportunity to live in Germany for a time.  His grandfather also proudly served in Guadalcanal during World War II.  Andy escorts veterans in his golf cart on the day of King High Remembers.

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