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Welcome to the King High School Remembers web site. This web site is dedicated to the preservation of the stories, memories, and opinions of veterans who served our nation during World War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Desert Storm and our recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whether they carried a rifle or a wrench, flew a plane or drove a truck, if they were in the hospitals or the galleys, these people deserve a special place in our history. It’s not just because of their military service that they deserve this but for their contributions made to their country, their communities and their families after that service was over. These are the stories of veterans as told by them through interviews with U.S. History students at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California.

King High Remembers was founded in 2001 by teacher John Corona as an Oral History Project for his United States History Classes.  It begin in a conference room with 28 veterans and 78 students.  Over the past 14 years the program has expanded to over 300 veterans involved with the schools entire junior class.  A senior committee was formed to help facilitate the necessities of the program.  Each year we have been blessed to be told and to see the impact this project has been on our students, our community and our veterans,

There are three main goals in the building of this project and web site:

1)      We want to put a face on history for our students. In conducting interviews, writing these stories and just plain listening, our students get a view of history up close and personal. Connecting historical events to people who were there and to an individual face is both priceless and powerful. It has afforded both the students and the veterans the opportunity to keep their stories alive to serve as a tribute to America’s past and a reference for her future.

2)      We want to save these stories for prosperity. We hope to build a bridge so we, and those in the future, will not forget what it took in the 20th century to stand up for freedom and democracy. We wish to preserve their memories and their contributions before they are gone from the landscape of America.

3)      We just want to say “Thank you” to a lot of heroes who do not consider themselves as such.





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