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For the first few years of its existence, Mr. Corona handled everything in terms of the preparation of King High School Remembers.  He contacted veterans; made phone calls; sent letters; ordered nameplates; archiving and paid for food and drinks out of his own pocket among the myriad of responsibilities that came with the Project. Obviously that was all too much for one man to maintain and it became evident, even after fellow teachers stepped forward that more help was needed.

In response to this pressing need, the KHSR Senior Committee was established in 2006.  The committee is made up of senior students who were so impacted by their interview with their veteran as juniors that they wish to come back and help the next year. The students must fill out an application, provide one letter of recommendation from a teacher and have maintained a 2.5 GPA during their time at Martin Luther King High School. In 2012, over 200 students expressed interest in being on the committee and 75 were ultimately chosen. Their jobs range from public relations to telephone calling to archiving; to setup the night before and work the actual day of the event.

Their work and their passion for veterans have been key as the program has grown and prospered. As one senior committee member once said reflecting on King High School Remembers, “We learned that some of the best people we will know are veterans.”

KHR Senior Committee 2013-2014

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  1. Hello Mr. Corona, this is Jolene I was very impacted by my interview with my veteran the previous year. Last year, I also did the speech at Riverside National and I was amazed at all the stories I heard and how much I learned. I would love to be a part of King High Remembers because I want to be part of such a great program that helps put together an amazing event that gives veterans the credit they deserve.

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