King High Remembers: The Documentary

In March of 2012, King High School Remembers was approached by Filmmakers Brandon Krajewski and Michelle Opitz.  Brandon, after seeing a news segment about King High Remembers (while he was working out at the gym!)  was inspired to create a documentary which would highlight the process in which King High Remembers works with veterans and students.  Brandon teamed up with his friend Michelle (both coming from military backgrounds) and the labor of love began.

We as the teaching team thought, “Yeah right, someone really wants to film a documentary about our program?  Why? No way its ever going to ACTUALLY happen”   But then it happened.  The district approved meetings, papers were being signed and this movie-thing actually seemed to be moving forward.

After meeting with Brandon and Michelle, we could see their passion and knew these two along with their team were going to do their best to capture the spirit of our program.  Little did we know, how special this project would really be.

Hours upon hours of footage was filmed.  They interviewed veterans, students and staff.  They filmed planning, events held outside of King High School, set-up, the “big day” and the aftermath.  They cut it down to a beautiful short film that already has won an “Best Documentary Short” at the Amsterdam International Film Festival.  It has become an Official Selection at the Riverside International Film Festival and we were excited to hear that it is also going to be shown at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.   We wish them well and luck and hope that other people see this film and  become inspired to start something of their own in their schools.

Brandon and Michelle, if you guys are reading this- You both are passionate, dedicated and talented individuals.  You’ve created something you guys should be so proud of.   You’ve touched not only our hearts, but of the veterans who truly do not believe they are anything special.  You’ve got life long cheerleaders from here on out.


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