Testimonials & Awards

From Veterans

“I take pride in standing side by side by my fellow veterans and appreciate all that you do to insure they are not forgotten.  In today’s society patriotism seems to be forgotten an is quickly being replaced by complacency.   Thank you again for what you are doing for our Veterans.” – MSG Richad Rodriguez – U.S. Army

“I attended for the first time last year and I was awe struck at the sight of all of the veterans in attendance.  Some in their original uniforms from WWII even…The girls that interviewed me last year were very pleasant to talk to and very respectful.  I couldnt wait to go back and do it again.” – Tim O’Brand

“A Great day for yet another superb event.  More concrete evidence that it is indeed, “Good to be King”… I am convinced that the students took a great deal of information with them.  Veterans definitely benefit from sharing their stories.” – Tom Laffey  – Veteran Bugler – 1st Cavalry Division Association

”We found your students to be delightful and refreshing. There is great hope for the future” – Clare Ehm

“I realize that students benefit from the program, but so do the vets.” – James Scribner – U.S. Navy

“I never thought I would have to answer to the future.” – Wil Lopez-U.S. Marines


From Students

“I loved hearing a real person tell the the story of the past, unaffected by propaganda and political bias.  It was honest and true from a man who saw it with his own eyes” – Clara Chang – Class of 2013

“I am more thankful for the people that served our country in order to protect us all.” – Jonathan Taylor – Class of 2012

“I really felt honored to be interviewing a veteran that served our country.  It taught be about war and for fighting for something you believe in.” – Dante Garafalo – Class of 2011

“King High Remembers took something that I only saw in history books, things that I only knew facts about and put a face on them. These veterans have true, emotional stories; not just the filtered information in the history books.” – Taylar Besemer

“I suggest participating in King High Remembers because it is an experience that you can’t forget. You get to interview a piece of history and learn about how life changing war really is.” – Drev S.

“It’s cool for kids to realize history is more than a story in a textbook.” – Nicole Jessen-Class of 2009

“I was able to gain an insight on history that I never had before.” – J.J. Campbell-Class of 2009

From Staff and Other Guests

“Words don’t even give justice to what I as well as this communty experienced today…it really seemed to make an impact on so many people.  I saw laughter and I saw tears, both at one point from me.  No matter what I say and no matter how we look at this, today you made a difference…We as educators can’t ask for anything more than that.  The ultimate reward a teacher can receive is to be told we made a difference, and today you did.  I am so thankful that I work for a group of teachers that understand they can make a difference in those around them.” – Darel Hansen – Principal- Martin Luther King High School

“In all my years here at King, I have never had the opportunity to experience KHR.  This year I was able to sneak out and see it for the first time.  I walked around the room and fought back tears the entire time.  What an amazing legacy that John Corona has given us.  Words fail miserable to describe the experience.  I am changed forever from the experience.  It is said often that it is great to be King, today I am Honored to be King!” – Brad Curry  – Math Teacher – King High School

Photo Courtesy of Brad Peters Photography

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