Veteran Narratives

A major part of the mission of King High Remembers is to preserve the stories of our veterans.  It is our belief that each of these stories help make up who we are as Americans and help serve as the quiltwork of our history.   Here you can find the narratives written by King High School juniors as told to them by “their” veteran.



Photo Courtesy of Brad Peters Photography


One thought on “Veteran Narratives”

  1. A big Thank You to all of the Staff as well as the Volunteers that made my experience at MLKHS one that I will remember. My time at our High School couldn’t have been what it became without the students who are assigned to complete strangers, such as myself.
    To Mr. Robert Kells, Mr. Razz Dahdul (:the one with the beard).., and Mr. Trey Anderson, my sincere thanks, I have to hand it to all three of you…your questions were thoughtful, and within the framework of time, as well as helpful in keeping things moving along. May your lives be full of adventure, and fulfillment. May you find a person as passionate as yourselves to share your life with, as I have…
    Blessings on your school, all people involved in this project, and most importantly, our future, all you students.
    John Gordon ,
    Artist, Teacher, Traveler, Observer.., Husband, Stepfather, Grandfather, Great Grandfather.
    VietNam Veteran, US Army, 1/502nd, Infantry, Machine Gunner, 101st Airmobile.

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