We Remember.

Why do we do King High Remembers?

We all have different answers.  We do it for the kids, we do it for the community and we do it for the veterans.

We want to remember and preserve the stories of the past.  We want to honor those who have served.

At the beginning of each King High Remembers event, our Project Coordinator John Corona reads our Final Roll Call,  the names of the veterans who have participated in our program and have passed.   With each year, our hearts grow heavy as the list grows.  Their names are added to hundred of thousands of  men and women who have made the great sacrifice to give us the opportunity to live free.

With much love and respect, we thank them for their service.

So please, when you’re enjoying this lovely 3 day weekend filled with food, family and friends, take a minute to remember.

KHR 2013 03

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